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Hi, I'm FTV Girl Lena and I'm back after a hiatus from modeling. I couldn't stay away because, not only do I love the lifestyle it affords me, but I love how sexy it makes me feel. I'm really a shy girl and kind of an introvert, but when I get on the business side of a camera lens something funny happens. I become a very different person and start feeling like I need to be very naughty. I'll go wild with my toys and have numerous orgasms and see how much of my fist I can fit into my slicked up pussy. I know how much it turns on you guys, which I think is why I love doing it. It turns me on to know that and imagine just how many loads are being shot in my honor!

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Kara from FTV Girls

I’m Kara, a new girl at FTV Girls. I’ve never modeled like this before, so it’s a little strange for me, but I’m not weirded out by nudity, so it didn’t take that much getting used to. I really enjoyed myself during this shoot…I really felt at ease and had no trouble coming to orgasm numerous times. I’m not that big on dildos though…although I DO like them and cum quickly when I use them, I’m afraid I’ll get addicted to them if I use them too much, LOL! I prefer to use my fingers and to take my time coming to orgasm. It always lasts MUCH longer when I do that, and sometimes I can even squirt a little bit. I can rub my clit slowly when I start to cum and keep a finger in and move it slowly and mmmmm, I can keep it going forever ;9. Wanna see? Watch my big videos by clicking here and let me know if you like them!

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Tera from FTV Girls

Hi guys, I’m Tera…I’ve got a craving for something big. No ordinary dildo will suffice today, so the guys at FTV Girls had to loan me one of their biggest toys. I hope you enjoy watching me come to an incredible orgasm with it. Later in this set I even get to some fisting. I guess I was feeling especially frisky during this shoot ;) I and my dripping wet pussy thank you for watching me enjoy myself and I hope you got off as hard as I did! If you did, let me know about it here. Oh, wanna see my movies? You can see the Hi-Def videos of me playing with my dildo and fisting my pussy right here. Until later…have a good night! Tera

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Lena from FTV Girls

Hello gents! I’m Lena, and I’m a very outgoing blonde exhibitionist with a lust for life…and other things :) I have to say that getting nude for FTV Girls was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life! It was so carzy fun to be able to do stuff like getting naked in front of people eating at a restaurant or wherever we were really! I got to try out a bunch of great dildos and other toys too. I must have had five orgasms while shooting! I don’t know that I’ve ever played with my pussy so much in such a short period of time, but I came every single time I did it! See my full videos at FTV Girls right here!

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Esra from FTV Girls

I’m Esra, and I’m a new FTV Girl and very excited to be one! If I had to pick one feature about myself that I think is the most outstanding (aside from my brain, lol) it would have to be my butt. I’ve been told by MANY guys that I’ve got a perfect ass, and who am I to argue! I gotta say, I had a blast doing these shoots. The FTV Girls guys make it VERY easy to lose yourself in the moment. They’re very chilled and relaxed and make this whole thing very fun for us girls. After I got nude the first time I was totally ready to grab a dildo and go to work. I’m not sure how many orgasms I had, but it was more than five! I was exhausted by the time it was all over. Anyway, that’s all for now. Hope you guys like the photos…definitely come see my videos over here.

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Kylee from FTV Girls

Hi! My name is Kylee and I was asked to write some things about myself for you guys :) Well, first, I’m a fairly adventurous girl…I like to try new things and I’m not afraid to be seen nude. In fact, I actually kind of like getting caught being naughty! We were taking some photos in a park and some guys saw me giving some upskirt peeks and I started rubbing my pussy right there while looking at them, hehe! They looked more uncomfortable than I did! I also got to play with some vibrating balls, which I have never done before. I have to say they are NICE! I get some good dildo time on video for you guys too. Hopefully you like it and request more of me! I do like showing off and I LOVE the FTV Girls guys! Bye for now :) Love, Kylee!

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Risi from FTV Girls

Heya! My name is Risi. I just turned 18 and I have to say this is craziest thing I have EVER done EVER! Don’t ask me why I decided to try posing nude for FTV Girls…I’m not even sure myself! I think I just wanted to explore a side of myself that I am a little unsure of and I wanted to get over some fears. I’m kind of a late bloomer (even though I’m only 18, lol). I’m a bit of a geek girl too…I love World of Warcraft, Taekwando and rock climbing but I also LOVE to masturbate. I haven’t had many sexual experiences with boys, but I sure do love to play with my pussy when I’m alone ;) I made some videos with the FTV Girls guys of me with some dildos and fingering myself until I cum! This whole experience makes me feel very sexually liberated for sure. Thanks for checking me out! You can find all of my videos RIGHT HERE!

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Shirley from FTV Girls

Hi guys! I originally went to the FTV Girls crew out of curiosity and because I thought it would be fun to pose nude. I’ve never done anything like this before I finally got up the nerve to write the FTV guys…and WOW what a great time it was! I felt very comfortable right away and even did some public nudity before anything else just to “break myself in” as they say ;) After that I did some nude shots, stripping, a little playing and then finally broke out a dildo. It was one of those rabbit ones, which I’ve never used before. Let me just say that that thing is AMAZING! I had to go out and get myself one after the shoot! I’ve never orgasmed like that before in my LIFE! I actually came TWICE in one day with that thing. I did something else I’ve never done before, which is stuffed my panties into my pussy. Definitely interesting ;) I hope you guys like my pics and visit the site to see ALL of my pics and videos. They get much hotter than this! Check them out RIGHT HERE! Byeee

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Sandy from FTV Girls

Hello. My name is Sandy and I am a 21 year old girl from the Czech Republic. I am very pleased to be showing you what turns me on here at FTV Girls. I felt very relaxed from the beginning, so it was easy to lose myself in an orgasm quickly for you. I love wearing short skirts and give very many glimpses of my pink pussy underneath. Once I get back to the house, I can’ keep my hands off of myself. I finger my pussy until I cum and then start to use a dildo. Later on I use TWO dildos on my pussy. This is the first time I have ever done this :) I hope you enjoy my pictures. Come and see my big masturbation videos at FTV Girls. You can see them HERE !

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Renna from FTV Girls

Hi guys, I’m Renna. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to pose for FTV Girls, but I’m really glad I did! It has been one of the best experiences of my entire life, and I can’t wait to get another shoot up :) I have to say that masturbating in front of someone on camera for the first time is a bit strange, but I got over it fairly quick and was lost in myself before I knew it. I absolutely LOVE the toys these guys have and had to go out and get the pink one I used here for myself after I was done. Let me just say also that, yes, these are REAL ORGASMS you are seeing here! I was so at ease with the FTV Girls guys that I had no problems getting myself off, and found that it actually turned me on after I warmed up! I hope you guys like my pics. There’s lots more to see and all my big masturbation videos are RIGHT HERE at FTV Girls!

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