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I'm Sofia and I'm new to FTV Girls this year. I love getting dressed up and looking my best, but even more, I love to get undressed so I can get myself off! I am horny almost ALL the time. I masturbate probably 3 to 4 times a day at LEAST. Sometimes I do it at work or while I am out, whenever the urge hits me really. I have to tell you, I love being watched. That's why shooting with FTV is so fun. We did a bunch of nude in public shoots with lots of people watching. It makes me feel so naughty, so I had to start playing with a toy as soon as we got back to the house. I think I came three times that night alone! My pussy is getting wet right now just thinking about it...

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Tera from FTV Girls

Hi guys, I’m Tera…I’ve got a craving for something big. No ordinary dildo will suffice today, so the guys at FTV Girls had to loan me one of their biggest toys. I hope you enjoy watching me come to an incredible orgasm with it. Later in this set I even get to some fisting. I guess I was feeling especially frisky during this shoot ;) I and my dripping wet pussy thank you for watching me enjoy myself and I hope you got off as hard as I did! If you did, let me know about it here. Oh, wanna see my movies? You can see the Hi-Def videos of me playing with my dildo and fisting my pussy right here. Until later…have a good night! Tera

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Kylee from FTV Girls

Hi! My name is Kylee and I was asked to write some things about myself for you guys :) Well, first, I’m a fairly adventurous girl…I like to try new things and I’m not afraid to be seen nude. In fact, I actually kind of like getting caught being naughty! We were taking some photos in a park and some guys saw me giving some upskirt peeks and I started rubbing my pussy right there while looking at them, hehe! They looked more uncomfortable than I did! I also got to play with some vibrating balls, which I have never done before. I have to say they are NICE! I get some good dildo time on video for you guys too. Hopefully you like it and request more of me! I do like showing off and I LOVE the FTV Girls guys! Bye for now :) Love, Kylee!

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Brianna from FTV Girls

Brianna is a gorgeous teen who can squirt cum everywhere when she orgasms. We were lucky enough to get it on film a few times for you guys! This beautiful perky blonde is full of fun and loves life and is just a joy to be around. She has no problems baring it all for you guys and loves that it turns you on. Her female ejaculation abilities are amazing. She even licks up her own cum in one of the sets and you can see a few pics from thoat one here. The videos of Brianna cumming are incredibly hot, as are the rest of them. You can see her squirting videos here!.

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Andrea from FTV Girls

Hi guys! Today the guys here at FTV Cuties are posting some pics from my trip to Hawaii with FTV Girls! I actually got caught a few times doing some public nude shots on this trip and it was kind of scary but also exciting and arousing ;) I even got caught masturbating by a hotel security guard and they made me leave! Anyway, these are some shots of me getting naked in a fancy dining hall in the hotel and then playing with a dildo back at the room. My pussy got so wet while we were doing the public nude scenes that I think I’ll be down for more of that soon! Thanks for all your support at FTV Girls (that’s what got me the Hawaii trip, LOL!) I hope you all cum and check out all of my videos at FTV Girls. There are a bunch of them and if you think the pics are hot, just wait ;) I don’t know how many orgasms they caught on video, but it was a lot! See all of my stuff here ;) Bye! Andrea :)

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FTV Sasha fucking huge veggiesFTV Sasha loves fucking huge veggiesFTV Sasha fucking huge veggies
To look at her, you wouldn’t think that this innocent looking midwestern blonde girl would be so sexual and horny.  Even though Sasha looks like she might look more at home in a library, we find her at the strip mall showing off her body. She flashes her beautiful tits in public and even masturbates for us. Going back home she starts fingering herself on the bed, masturbating and moaning and then fisting her pussy. After that, she gets really adventurous and looks for other things to help get her off in front of everyone. She grabs some zucchini, carrots and a giant squash and MAN does she go at it! Talk about wild, WOW! How we get these sexy girls to go so wild at First Time Videos I’ll never understand.
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Leah extreme veggie fuckingLeah extreme veggie fuckingLeah loves fucking her veggies
FTV Girls extreme blonde teen in braces is back! All of you wanted to see her do some extreme penetration again and push her limits…and she does! Starting with a nice warm-up, she masturbates to several orgasms with the help of her vibrator and fingers, squirting several times and getting the bed all wet! She then forces her whole fist in, and starts an intense fisting session. Then comes the FTV Monster Dildo, this time on a glass mirror, which she rides, and we get to see the penetration at several angles, then going doggy and going as deep as she can! After some hard sex, she is introduced to the Glass FTV Toy and takes it all the way down, which almost seems impossible! She rides it hard and fast, eventually coming to another nice orgasm. Then comes the final test: She takes two very large zucchinis, penetrates herself so deep that one of them almost disappears! Taking one anally and the other vaginally, she double penetrates herself! Quite incredible indeed! Then the biggest insertion of them all: A large eggplant that she forces in the best she can, then rides it to push it deeper…this update is another for you extreme penetration lovers!
See Leah get double penetrated in her big videos
See Leah cum over and over again right here
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